A Troubled State of Mind

I’m not “special”.


I don’t have a lot of friends, nobody begs me to stay when I have to go, I rarely get messages, nobody tells me they need me, and nobody waits for me to come online. But none of that really matters to me because the only thing I care about is making people smile. If I can just make 1 person smile each day, even just a tiny smile that lasts a split second, nothing else matters.

Via La Vie Boheme

With time comes change. So am I mad you’ve changed? No. I’m mad you’ve changed for the worst.


The Worst Guys

I Think I’m Selfish…

Is it selfish of me to hope that I die before my partner? I just know I’d never be able to cope with the love of my life being taken away from me forever… but I also know it’s not fair to leave them… to want to leave them… before they have the chance to leave me.

I’ve been in a bad mood since like 2007

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Via La Vie Boheme

he who studies books alone will know how things ought to be, and he who studies men will know how they are.

– Charles Caleb Colton

if you cannot inspire a woman with love of you, fill her above the brim with love of herself; all that runs over will be yours.

– Charles Caleb Colton

The Heart Breaker

i wonder what its like to be the heart breaker instead of the heartbroken…

if we were kids, id have the black k swiss & reebok; if we were kids, i wouldnt act like this - but we not

– Childish Gambino, Kids (Keep Up)


R.I.P Trayvon Martin

A Difference Between Being Different & Being Rare

everyones been trying so hard to be different, that were all beginning to look & act the same… it has been said that we may be unique but at the end of the day were all the same anyway… so is anyone ever really different these days?…

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